August 23, 2019
Located below are links to professional development resources.
The Essentials IEP/ETR Series
Post-Secondary Transition
    Essential Resources Livebinder What Is PBIS? (PowerPoint)
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PBIS Restraint & Seclusion Training Videos

Essential Resources Livebinder  



PBIS Fact Sheet (PDF)
Decision Framework PBIS Livebinder

SSTR5 Decision Framework Presentation (PowerPoint) Brain Behavior Connections
Collaboration to Support

Differentiation Walk & Talk Series

Implementating PBIS - High School
Inclusive Practices (Co-Teaching) Differentiation for Tweens (9/17/14)  
Leadership Strategies Presentation (PDF) Effort Based Praise & Mindsets (9/25/14) - 1 Conneaut PBIS -The Basics (PDF)
 IEP 101 Effort Based Praise & Mindsets (9/25/14) - 2 Boardman PBIS - The Basics (PDF)
Required for Session: Myths of Differentiation (10/30/14)  
OEC Approved IEP Training (PDF) Bridge Between Today's Lesson & Tomorrow's (1/29/15)  
IEP Graphic Organizer Extending Inclusive Opportunities (2/26/15)   Workload/Caseload
Bloom's Taxonomy Action Verbs Retakes & Redos (3/26/15)  Workload Calculator  (Excel)
Optional Resources for Future Reference Promising Practices (4/30/15)  
Accommodations Manual (72 Pages) Standards Based Teaching & Differentiation (5/28/15)  
Accommodations vs Modifications    
  Assessment Accommodation Fact The Brain & Active Learning Classroom Ohio's State Tests Accessibility
Evaluate Your PLOP  Active Learning Presentation Accessibility Manual - First Edition
Evaluate Your IEP Goals
IEP Form  Differentiation PD - Session 1  OIP Reading Series
Prior Written Notice Chart  Differentiation Presentation  Universal Design for Learning Intro (PPt)
OP-5 Parent Excusal Form (Word Doc)  Differentiation Flipbook  PARCC ELA Testing Design (PPt)
OP-6 Progress Report Form (Word Doc)    Cheat Sheet ELA Literacy PARCC (PDF)
OP-9 Attempts to Obtain Parent Participation(Word Doc)    
Parent/Guardian Survey
 OIP Math Series
Six Critical Criteria for Goal    Universal Design for Learning Intro (PPt)
Whose IDEA Is This? (80 Pages)    Math  Grades K-5 Presentation (PPt)
Universal Design for Learning 


 Math Grades 6-12 Presentation (PPt)
Access to the Curriculum & Extended Standards    
LiveBinder -  Resources    
Template for Content Flipbook (Word Doc)


Digital Tools (Word Doc)    
Tiered Planning Lesson Plan (word doc)    
OCALI Low-Incidence Wiki    
  Archived Files
Archived Files
   Essentials of the OIP - Day 1 Inclusive Best Practices - Webinar Series
  Handouts and Materials      Wendy Murawski et al
  Shapes Icebreaker Please be patient with the links below. Video links need time to load
  Essentials - Day 1 Kickoff Session
  Links to OIP Support Tools Co-Planning - Nov
  Facilitator Competencies Inclusive Practices, Common Core, & Tech - Jan
  Stages of Team Development (PPt) Co-Instructing - February
  OIP Graphic Flipped Classroom - March
  Grain Size and Definitions... Flipped Classroom Resources Document(PDF
  Focused Plan Descriptors  
  Cogs (PPt)  
  OIP Series Day 1 Presentation (PPt)  
  Essentials of the OIP - Day 2  
  OIP Series Day 2 Presentation (PPt)  
  Henderson School Video Link  
  Essentials of the OIP - Day 3  
  OIP Stage 4: Evaluate the Plan  
  OIP Stage 4: Monitoring and Evaluation  
  OIP Series Day 3 Presentation (PPt)