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Transition Tidbits February 6, 2023

Happy February Everyone: 

Hope you all had a great weekend. Below we have three great resources for you to explore. Also do not forget about our upcoming Regional Transition Network on Tuesday, February 7 from 9:00-11:00. An agenda and Zoom Link will be sent later today. We will also be hosting a hybrid in-person meeting at the ESC of Eastern Ohio for anyone who wants to attend Regional Transition in person. 

Daily SEL Lessons

Taxonomy Connection- Student Development- Life, Social, and Emotional Skills  

  • Social-emotional learning has always been a large part of our everyday lessons. This is certainly still evident today. The taxonomy under student development, it emphasizes the need to teach these emotional skills. These skills will be the foundation of their self-determination. This website has multiple lessons around SEL topics. Most of the lessons come with a video and/or a resource that can be used in the lesson. There are also discussion questions to be used in the lessons. Each lesson is divided into an elementary lesson and a secondary lesson in order to reach learners of all ages. 

Asset Based Inventory

Taxonomy Connection- Student-Focused Planning- IEP Development 

  • You can never have enough Age Appropriate Transition Assessments (AATA). This is a good one from NTACT. There are 9 sections of questions to gain valuable information about a student. The questions are written in a way that the student can answer themself or an adult can answer about the student. Having the questions divided into sections allow for the assessment to be completed over time and not in one sitting, depending on the student. Teams can also just specific sections, depending on their assessment planning, and the information they want to learn about the student. 

Visual Resumes 

Taxonomy Connection- Student Development- Employment and Occupational Skills- Employment Seeking Skills Development