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Transition Tidbits September 19, 2022

Taxonomy of Transition Programming

Hi Everyone, 

Our first 3 resources are a repeat from last week. Please take a few minutes to check out our Vidbit (video) about how to use the Taxonomy of Transition Programming (which will always be linked above). The other two resources are assessments for you to use to help determine your focus for your transition program for the 22-23 school year. 

Vidbit 1 - Taxonomy of Transition Programming 

SST 5 Transition Program Tool Assessment 

Predictors of Post-School Success 

Reflection Form

  • As noted in our vidbit, our first resource is a reflection form to help you choose an area of focus for this school year. Use this form after using one of the tools above to identify an area of focus. Please note that to get a copy of your reflection, we have to collect your email. However, we will not review who submitted and will only contact you if you mark you want to be contacted about your area of focus. 

Transition Tips to Start Your Year 

Taxonomy Connection- Program Structure- Policies and Procedures 

Great short video that you have probably seen before. It is worth repeating however because it gives us so many ideas that we can incorporate into our policies and procedures as we begin our school year. The Tips remind us of those critical activities we should be doing at the beginning of the school year to kick off successful postsecondary transition planning.

Indicator 13 Checklist 

Taxonomy Connection- Program Structure- Policies and Procedures 

  • It is hard to mention program structure, policies, and procedures without noting the Indicator 13 Compliance Checklist. Keep this handy because we will share transition plan examples for you to evaluate using this checklist throughout the year. In the meantime, check out your IEPs using this checklist. What was a strength for you? What was an area to grow? Reach out to us if you have questions. Both forms below are the same but organized differently to address different preferences. 

  • Form A

  • Form B

Save the Date 

Regional Transition Network # 1

October 11, 2022 


Virtual Event 

Link to Zoom 

Fall Into Transition 

October 20, 2022


Registration Information to Come