Strengthening Tier 1 PBIS and Moving Forward Day Two
Starting 1/28/2020 at 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM
Event Groups:
This 3-day series is designed to assist building-level and/or district-level PBIS teams with strengthening Tier 1 universal supports through effective instructional practices. In addition, teams will also have the opportunity to develop materials and update action steps/plans related to PBIS implementation.
Outcomes: To develop a comprehensive understanding of the critical components of PBIS; to complete the Tier 2 checklist and evaluate teams' next steps; and identify resources to be used in the building/classroom to strengthen Tier 1 and explore/ implement Tier 2 strategies.
November 5, 2018:    Re-evaluating Tier 1 PBIS
 January 28, 2020:    Explore Resources to Strengthen Tier 1
    March 24, 2020:    Overview of Tier 2
                    Day 4:    On-site visit TBD by each district/ building    

Each session must be registered for individually in STARS. Participants are encouraged to attend both sessions with one on-site coaching session. Please bring technology, updated action plans, and evidence binder.
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