YSU Science of Reading Series Day Two
Starting 2/14/2020 at 9:00 AM until 3:30 PM
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Join YSU Faculty in Collaborative Conversation and Professional Learningnormal;background:white'>How do we teach children to read? Is learning to read a natural process, developed through an immersion in quality literature and developed love of reading? Or is the process more complex, steeped in neuroscience, involving the development and training of multiple systems within the brain working together in tandem? This topic is currently garnering national media attention and shining a spotlight on the pedagogy involved in reading instruction. The consistent decline in NAEP test scores has caused our nation to reflect on how we currently teach children to read, and react with major changes across the state and the country.

normal;background:white'>Join us as we engage in professional dialogue and learning about the science of reading - the controversy, the pedagogy, the scientific models that should guide our instruction. Let's learn from science and from one another. After all, teaching reading is rocket science!



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Mahoning County Educational Service Center
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