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Transition Tidbits April 12, 2021

Welcome back everyone. Hope the time off was relaxing for you all. This week our first two resources are still related to step 6, write IEP goals, of the Assessment to Practice document. The last four resources are some great general resources that you can use in the classroom to meet your student’s PINS. 


  • Performance Standards and Performance level descriptors

    • This page will link to a page on Ohio’s Testing Portal. At the very top of the page are the performance standards associated with each testing area. This will give you a good indication of how close a student is to the next performance level on their assessment. Using this information, you can scroll down to the middle of the page and click on the performance level descriptors. This will show the skills the student has mastered at their current performance level. It will also show the skills needed to reach the next performance level. By doing a quick compare and contrast, you will be able to see the skills the student still needs to develop. These can then become your IEP goals.

  • SST 5 Literacy Padlets

    • When developing goals our SST has multiple padlets to help not only develop your goals but also to help with resources, strategies, and much more. The page contains padlets with topics such as dyslexia, adolescent literacy, family engagement, and much more. Please take a look. 


  • Inventory of Entrepreneurial Interests 

    • This is a new Assessment added to the Indiana Transition Matrix. It asks students if they have a family member or close friend who works in any of the multiple areas that are listed. There are then a few reflection questions for the students to answer. This is great to help identify career interests for any students whether or not they want to pursue the entrepreneurial pathway.  

  • Junior Achievement Financial Literacy Workshop (Attached Flier

    • JA Financial Literacy Resource Site 

      • April is financial literacy month. Junior Achievement is offering a financial literacy workshop for middle and high school students. The first link will take you to the registration form for the workshop. The second link will take to the JA’s resource page. There are many resources available here but under middle school and high school you will see a link for financial literacy resources and lessons that you can use. 

  • Campus tours

    • This is a great website to explore colleges especially as Covid is still impacting visitors to college campuses. This site provides a lot of information about the schools such as enrollment, majors, admission requirements and more. They also have virtual tours available for many of these colleges. Some colleges even have guided tours available here and even a walking tour with interviews of people around the campus. This is a great way to get your students to explore colleges of their choice even when they cannot go in person. 

  • Transition Tidbits on the Web

    • Thanks to our colleague Terry Grimm we are able to add our Transition Tidbits to our SSTR5 Website. You can use the link above to pass on the tidbit information to anyone that wants it. This is also a good resource if you miss the weekly email. Please feel free to share this link with anyone who would benefit. After checking the tidbits, please feel free to look around on the rest of the website. Remember our tidbits will always be under the news and updates section of the website. 

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