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Transition Tidbits November 21, 2022

Hi Everyone 

Hope you all have a great short week before a well deserved break. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you as well. This week our tidbits have a few videos included in them. We also have a few larger resources, just in case anyone has a little extra time over break or if you just wanted a few minutes away from the Thanksgiving table. We are going to take next Monday off as well so make sure you make the tidbits last until we get back on December 5. Please have a restful break and enjoy your time away from work. Happy Thanksgiving again and thank you for all you do for your students. 

Mental Health and Trauma Training Library

Taxonomy Connection- Student Development- Student Supports- Students supported through partnerships 

  • Great resource here with a lot of good videos. Mental health is certainly a topic that continues to become more relevant over time. It affects adults and students in so many different ways and has an impact on our classrooms. These videos cover so many topics around mental health. Some examples are; integrating trauma-informed practices into an MTSS Framework, Classroom strategies for early childhood mental health, Beyond Trauma-Informed Strategies, and so many more. Is there one topic that you want to pursue further? 

Youth Self Advocacy and Empowerment 

Taxonomy Connection- Life, social, and emotional skills- Self-determination skills development 

  • Last week we focused on building students' self-determination skills. This is another great resource to help build those skills. This resource also helps build students' self-advocacy skills. There are several great resources built into this website but the videos of the students giving tips that helped them become successful in advocating for themselves really allow your students to relate to these examples. There are even some cartoons that can be used to teach self-advocacy to your students. How do you see yourself using this resource in your classroom? 

Employers Reasonable Accommodation Handbook 

Taxonomy Connection- Student Development- Student Supports- Identification and development of adaptations, accommodations, and natural supports needed for success 

  • This is a great resource from OOD. Just as hard as it is for students to self-advocate it is also hard for employers to know how to support employees with disabilities. This is a 6 part webinar series that offers employers best practices and resources to help employers support their employees. On the right, you have access to the past webinars. The learner's guide is full of a lot of information and resources. Each webinar also has a fact sheet that is a quick hit for information. For the past webinars, you can also find a link to the recorded session. 

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