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Transition Tidbits February 27, 2023

Hi Everyone 

Hope you all had a great weekend. This week we have some good resources to take a look at. The first one is a resource within a resource. It is a great family guide to the IEP and is a great way to engage students and families in the process. Also, make sure you take a look at the last resource which is the Longitudinal Study, which was just released. 

Family Guide Understanding Team Member's Responsibilities

Taxonomy Connection- Family Engagement- Family Preparation- Family Learning and preparation provided for

  • The transition process is a difficult one to navigate for all involved. The more engaged families and students are in this process the better the outcome. This guide does a nice job of breaking down the transition process. It also talks about the importance of collaboration. The best part is that anyone can click on their title and it will take you to a specific section focused on the transition process through your lens. In the section, participants can click on questions to learn more about the role they play in the transition process. 

Career Planning Toolkit 

Taxonomy Connection- Student Development- Employment and Occupational Skills- Career Planning embedded with core instruction 

  • This is a nice toolkit to help facilitators lead students through the career planning process. This guide is broken down into multiple lessons that can be taught and serve as transition activities. As the activities are completed they also become great pieces of AATA to guide the next IEP. At the end of the toolkit, there is a portfolio that students can create to document their growth through this process. All of these activities help students become more self-determined on their pathway. 

2022 Ohio Longitudinal Study 

Taxonomy Connection- Program Structure- Program Evaluation

  • The Longitudinal Study is finally here. As you know this is the report of the data collected through indicator 14 from students exiting programs across the state. There is some great data throughout the report. The last section is a great tool for all educators. The section focuses on the predictors of post-school success and how the data in Ohio aligns with these predictors. This is great data to show just how much these predictors can impact student outcomes.  Going forward with the new “exiting” data collection, each individual district will be able to collect this data and hopefully use it to determine which predictors are in place in their program and how those impact student outcomes. 

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