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Transition Tidbits January 10, 2022

Happy 2022 to everyone. Hope your new year is off to a great start. For our first tidbits of 2022, we are jumping back into the Taxonomy of Transition Programming. We will start the year in the student development section of the Taxonomy. We have three great resources aligned to this section as well as some information about the benefits of business partnerships. Also, make sure to check out some great upcoming events at the bottom. 

Career Onestop

  • This is a resource that we shared last year but it is definitely worth a reshare. In the student development section of the Taxonomy, there is a whole sub category that talks about employment and occupational skills and embedding career planning into instruction. This resource is loaded with assessments, videos and much more but it also has information that can be embedded into lessons. For example, students can learn what assessments are, why they are important, how to compare occupations, and so much more. All of these can also be great writing prompts. 

Dr. Kit

  • Another great resource to help embed career activities into instruction. This resource is great for career exploration as well. It has many videos about many different careers including those that might be a little less common. There are videos and links that easily can become lessons. For example there was a blog about common interview questions that trip people up and how to answer them. The best part of this resource is that it has a section for parents which can be great for family engagement. There are videos for parents about behavior, careers, and safety. 

Transition Services and Activities; Making the Connection

  • This is a great resource for all intervention specialists who are writing transition plans in IEP’s. It comes from the University of Indiana’s Transition Research Center which has so many great resources. This not only does a great job of explaining services, activities, and how to make the connection but also provides insight as to the “thought process” that is occurring in a teacher’s mind as they are writing these plans. They also provide links to assessments as well case studies that can be great for conducting quick professional learning sessions. 

Benefits of Education and Business Partnerships

  • This is a cool little resource from ODE’s website. It talks about how beneficial a relationship between businesses and schools can be. The best part of this little graphic though was the section that talked about the benefits of this relationship for schools. It gives some great ways you can embed local businesses into your curriculum (just as in the Taxonomy). Some examples included guest speakers, mock interviews, and so much more. Check it out for a few easy ideas. 

Career Awareness Funds Kickoff Webinar 

This is the recording of the session held before Christmas. Great information not only about the funds but you can also use this to get examples of Career Awareness activities you conduct even if you don’t apply for the funds. 

OASCES State Meeting 

  • February 9, 2022- 9:00-11:00

  • Networking, collaboration, and updates 

  • Guest Speaker Amy Szymanski- Statewide Secondary Transition and Workforce Development Consultant 


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