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Transition Tidbits January 31, 2022

Hi Everyone 

This week we are going to continue in the student development section of the Taxonomy of Transition Programming. Our first two resources not only align with student development they are from the presenters for our Regional Transition Network on Tuesday afternoon from 1-3. We only shared one resource from each so that you could take some time to explore both websites in preparation for the Regional Transition Network. The third resource is a cool resource to help make the curriculum accessible by all students. 

Zarrow Center Transition Related Curriculum

  • In the student development section of the Taxonomy, there are many activities such as interpersonal skills development, leisure development, classroom behavior development, and more, which align very well with the work of the Zarrow Center. A must-see resource is the transition bell ringers. These are such a great way to embed transition instruction into the everyday core curriculum. These also can be used as great Age-Appropriate Transition Assessments (AATA). Our guests from the Zarrow Center will be discussing these and other resources when they present at Tuesday’s Regional Transition Network. 

OCALI What Works for Work

  • This is a project from OCALI to improve the practitioners' knowledge and skill of evidenced-based practices. These practices will allow individuals to help students develop the skills that will help them become employable. Sessions contain a PowerPoint, materials, learning activities, and resources. They focus on the Evidenced Based Practices and how they can be used to deliver instruction. These are great examples of strategies that can be used as specially designed instruction in an IEP. 


  • This is a general resource and not aligned to the Taxonomy but it is a good one. We know the importance of exposing students to high expectations and grade-level content. Sometimes we need to make accommodations and modifications in order to make this happen. Rewordify is a tool that can help. You can copy and paste the text into the selection box. Then hit the “rewordify text” button and it will simplify the text. This tool can aid in comprehension, vocabulary, engage students, and much more. It also can limit student frustration as they will be able to better understand what they are reading. 

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